In December 2016, the Foundation created the TOGO Evaluator Program. Since then, more than sixty volunteer evaluators have received training and had to pass an exam before being officially admitted to the team.

The evaluator meets potential dogs and assesses them according to our protocol. At the end of the evaluation, he can even meet the waiting beneficiaries and see the magic working on the front line.

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The TOGO evaluators program takes advantage of the health crisis to freshen up! Check back here in fall 2020 for more information on our new training program.

TOGO offers online training for the program. No matter where you live, no matter your experience with dogs; you have the potential to qualify for the Evaluator Program! In addition to training, TOGO provides food, veterinary care for doggies in appraisal as well as a superb starter kit for our qualified evaluators!

The TOGO family is an environment where life is good; a close-knit team where mutual aid and personal growth reign. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about us.

Testimonials from our superb team

Julie - TOGO Evaluator

“As a volunteer for the foundation, I can tell you that we win on all kinds of aspects! I learnt a lot about dog behavior. I had almost no experience but after having followed the training to become a volunteer and to have evaluated several dogs, in several contexts I can assure you that we learn a lot of things. Especially thanks to the supervisors who are 100% available to guide us, help us, and also to develop our confidence. It’s really like continuous training: you learn constantly. It greatly helped me with my own canine companion with whom I lived certain challenges in addition to developing my personal curiosity.

And of course, we rub shoulders with people who also have the desire to help. Generous people of their time! Finally, we weave links, we end up meeting these magnificent people in the activities that the foundation organizes several times a year, and that’s very cool! “

Linda - TOGO Evaluator

“I approached the organization to volunteer after purchasing the calendar. Beginning with a means of transport for a dog, then the loan of a cage, I began to follow them assiduously on Facebook. I loved doing them a favor. I had time for them and came to the request of the Kijiji tracking group. I who like to talk to people: here was my chance!

Having always wanted to help animals from a very young age, I had finally found my place. The pleasure of helping animals does me the greatest good, in addition to helping people in their daily lives. It gave new meaning to my life. It helps me get out of my daily life, I see life with other eyes. And what about the Togo team, the mutual aid and encouragement that we receive.

It is rewarding and pleasant. I love to talk and meet people to describe the Foundation and all the benefits it provides to families in need because I truly believe in it. We also learn sharing, patience, listening and we make friends, lots of friends. What great encounters! What a joy to recruit a SUPER TOGO dog as a volunteer! To give HOPE for a better life with both dogs and humans! “

Marie - TOGO Evaluator

“I am new to the evaluation team and to date, I love my experience! I did it initially especially for the canine contact but I discovered a group of super dynamic and sympathetic humans behind Togo! Togo applies respect and positive reinforcement to its dogs in evaluation, dogs in training … but also to the humans of its team! We have a lot of support, we receive encouragement, we are trusted and we are congratulated! A very simple organization wow! “