Here is our process to get a Togo assistance dog from initial application to official adoption. We turn abandoned dogs into psychological service dogs!

Evaluation of the eligibility of a potential beneficiary during a meeting with a Togo psychosocial worker.

Search shelters to find a dog that meets the needs of the recipient.

Meeting between the beneficiary and the dog selected to see if it is suitable for the beneficiary. If the answer is positive, dog training can begin.

Beginning of an 8-week training with an educator for basic learning specific to the needs of the beneficiary.

The dog spends 2 weeks with a new educator to generalize the lessons learnt with the first trainer.

The dog is given to the beneficiary. An unlimited access to the two educators and to the psychosocial intervener is available throughout the life of the dog. A daily follow-up is carried out during the integration of the dog.

our process

Total process time: about 2 years