The story of the foundation which began in 2015 thanks to Noémie Labbé-Roy, in search of a concrete way to help people in difficulty. She works for a canine education company and is called to voluntarily assist a young woman in Ontario who has adopted a shelter dog with the purpose of using it as an assistance dog.

Noémie develops a new training method that produces interesting results with the shelter dog. The idea for Les Chiens Togo begins with this thought : “Why not give a chance to abandoned dogs to become assistance dogs? ”

Having developed all the training protocols, she trains and hires Providence Gordon, a canine educator and Pascale Rabaraona, a Togo psychosocial intervener who becomes responsible for the admission of Togo humans and families.


The enterprise officially becomes a non-profit organization and obtains its charity registration number. The Oven-Baked company becomes associated with the Les Chiens Togo Foundation and supplies all the food for the dogs in evaluation and training, in addition to raising funds in various ways.


Noémie and Providence create the Evaluators Program, because they couldn’t evaluate all of the potential dogs themselves and wanted to expand their activities throughout Québec. Patricia Roy joins the list of Togo employees and becomes the coordinator of the Togo Evaluators Program. The organization then has working relationships with 30 shelter partners and has trained 50 volunteers who are able to evaluate dogs.


Highlight in the story of the foundation when Les Chiens Togo becomes the exclusive partner of Wounded Warriors of Canada. In all, over 30 dogs have been provided to beneficiaries, totally free.