Find out what the beneficiaries of TOGO dogs think thanks to the testimonials!

A testimonial video presenting Jacques and Virgule in their new life.

A video courtesy of Réalités


“ So, my little Schubert, he has changed my life !! He gave me liberty when I needed it most, he gave me the love I needed and even more. He gave me a reason to survive in this world and a reason to get out of my house when I didn’t think I was capable ! He helped me throughout the good days and through the sickness! His training helped me to no longer have scratch marks on the arms and neck that had persisted for more than a year !

He gave me back a smile and, above all, brought me to see the good side of things!! The processes to have Schubert also helped me a lot to believe in my abilities and in the goal that I gave myself !! Without him I would not have evolved into an autonomous, almost pretty young girl ( I say “almost” because before I simply was not) !!! It’s one pearl among many others to which the organization has succeeded in giving their lives back that they deserve!!”


“This dog is really wonderful, he is calm, very affectionate, playful in his spare time, indeed he can be very, very playful! With the children, Oréo is very patient; he does everything he is asked to do to get doggy treats. I believe that this dog does something that brings the children a little closer to each other, they are more involved together and the unifying effect that I wanted for them by adopting a dog is truly present, at any rate, for now, we hope that this will continue!

With our son, everything’s going better; he’s very affectionate with the dog, pets him often and takes care of him. They sleep in the same bed. We don’t need the border anymore or nearly and he stays in his bed all night, he doesn’t come to join us in our bedroom anymore. On top of that, he wakes up better in the morning, he stays by himself even if it’s early and in good humour ! Up till now everything’s going really for the better and we are very happy to be embarked on this beautiful adventure. Providence Godon (director of Togo’s canine and animal welfare component.) came by on Tuesday to give me express training in walking Oréo.

All went super well and I now feel really well equipped to continue with our big wolf ! Providence is very generous and really professional, like all the people I’ve met up till now who are connected to Les Chiens Togo, thank you very much Noémie (director and founder of Les Chiens Togo) for this marvellous dog, we are very happy !”

“I first did my research on the internet. This is how I found the Les Chiens Togo organization. In the beginning, I was surprised that this type of organization existed in my province. I was particularly touched by the humanitarian aspect that engages the organization: the dogs selected for training are from animal shelters, they’re offered a second chance in life as well, I bought in. This concept touches me enormously.

Then I enquired of my doctor and psychologist. No surprise that they approved and supported me in this process. Being a very rational person, I’m conscious that an assistance dog is more a tool for my recovery than a magic wand. In weighing the pros and cons, I decided to throw myself into the Togo adventure.

After making an appointment, the Togo team received me with enormous professionalism. Despite my state of stress I was right away reassured and understood by the team. I was able to tell my story, my motivations and my intentions. What a relief! Then the process began. Once the administrative rules were over, the Togo team maintained regular contact with me to follow up on my file. Many dogs were presented to me until THE right one was chosen.

After 8 weeks of intensive training, the dog was given to me. The adaptation of my way of life was easier than I had expected and a powerful connection was created between the animal and myself. First, my pet is attentive to signs of anxiety that I can have. He helps bring me back to the present time when the night terrors occur. Then, he takes me out of the isolation provoked by my state of stress. The close relationship developed with my Togo dog is such that my medications have begun to diminish. Sleeping is, with him as well, greatly improved since I have cohabited with my pet. I don’t feel alone anymore and I am reassured to have the presence of this being who continuously watches over me.

In just a few days I observed and sensed beneficial effects from my psychological assistance dog (PAD). My friends and family, as well as myself, have observed, without a doubt, the diminution of symptoms relative to post-traumatic stress. I am a lot less anxious and my hyper-vigilance almost doesn’t manifest itself anymore. What happiness it is to gradually rediscover the joy of life.

Finally, I am conscious that my assistance dog doesn’t alone assure my recovery. On the other hand, I am forced to admit that he greatly contributes to my recuperation. After all, who says dog says friend for life. Courtesy of the Les Chiens Togo organization I am not only in possession of a supplementary therapeutic tool but of a life companion that brings me, unconditional love.”


“I met Noémie (director/founder of Les Chiens Togo) before the project had materialized. I needed help with the aim of seeing if my dog could eventually help me and become an assistance dog, with the objective of controlling a serious anxiety problem and helping me to live with post-traumatic stress. Noémie was extraordinary; in terms of listening, giving advice and bringing assistance.

Thanks to her and Les Chiens Togo I can today affront life’s trials with the help of my precious Yuma. But her help is more than just that of an assistance dog. She allows an exchange between humans and Togo dogs, thereby creating connections and sharing experiences with people who live with similar difficulties. She has become a friend. A simple thank you is not a sufficient testimonial to my gratitude.”

"Like other parents, we always search for the best for our children. We search for easy intervention methods that we can use in our daily lives. We knew that our daughter had an interest in dogs. Therefore, we did our research in this direction. We quickly realized that time was passing and to hire a dog trainer appeared to be too big of an obstacle for us. This option was dismissed from the beginning. We turned towards Les Chiens Togo that for us, was a second wind and of inestimable help.

Like all parents of children having attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, impulsivity and opposition disorder, daily life is not easy. A good companion dog somehow alleviates crises, the changes of humour, the continual opposition as well as unpleasant behaviours, even disturbances that our daughter continuously lives with. The dog, this support, helps us to better redirect attention and calm our daughter since the conventional basics (active listening, reassurance, consistency, compassion….) are less effective.

I want to thank the entire Togo team, particularly Noémie Labbé-Roy and Mélissa Ellefsen for having understood our needs and for having supported us in our efforts. You are both very sensitive to our needs and you helped us through our training after the Togo dog’s arrival in our house. You are really marvellous people. Again, thank you a thousand times.”


"A thousand thanks to Les Chiens Togo’s team! At the start of my efforts to have a Togo dog for my 6-year-old son, I was far from imagining all the benefits that it would have for all of my family. It’s good that my basic expectations have been fulfilled, but we have seen something else emerging from this human/dog relationship: tenderness and involvement.

Even though my son is still very young and often clumsy in his approach, Callie always remains in her environment. With time, we perceived that Callie instinctively came to us while we conducted an intervention with our son. Her presence calms us with the result that we can do better with our son without stress nor anger…and it works! She didn’t learn this behaviour, it’s instinctive.

Our son loves to play and go to the park with his dog. He accepts the unpredictable a lot more. Callie is a source of great pride for our son. Once again a thousand thanks for allowing us to live with this exceptional dog. You have done a marvellous thing! Long-life to Les Chiens Togo.”


"We began our efforts to obtain a Togo dog for our oldest son who is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and other learning problems. We also thought that this would benefit our 3 other children who also have particular needs. We waited a long time for our Rosie! But we are happy that we were patient!

The adaptation was sometimes difficult but now, every day our big boy asks us: “What would we do without Rosie?”. She is perfect for us. She adores the hugs and has infinite patience with the children. While she sits beside us and looks at us with her big eyes, she brings us back to the present and calms us. She sleeps with my son and every morning since we’ve had her he takes her for a walk. She gently moves along and upsets his rituals that are becoming less and less rigid. While she’s with us we smile. She brings joy to our family, which is therapeutic in itself.

Her training was well done and we have had lots of support from the team at Les Chiens Togo since she arrived in our family. Sometimes, we have daily contacts to correct behaviours and assure that she is adapting well to our family. Their advice is precious and we know that we can call on them at any time. We are very happy to have found Rosie!”