Find out what the beneficiaries of Les Chiens Togo think about Togo thanks to the testimonials!

A testimonial video presenting Jacques and Virgule in their new life.

A video courtesy of Réalités


“ So, my little Schubert, he has changed my life !! He gave me liberty when I needed it most, he gave me the love I needed and even more. He gave me a reason to survive in this world and a reason to get out of my house when I didn’t think I was capable ! He helped me throughout the good days and through the sickness! His training helped me to no longer have scratch marks on the arms and neck that had persisted for more than a year !

He gave me back a smile and, above all, brought me to see the good side of things!! The processes to have Schubert also helped me a lot to believe in my abilities and in the goal that I gave myself !! Without him I would not have evolved into an autonomous, almost pretty young girl ( I say “almost” because before I simply was not) !!! It’s one pearl among many others to which the organization has succeeded in giving their lives back that they deserve!!”


“This dog is really wonderful, he is calm, very affectionate, playful in his spare time, indeed he can be very, very playful! With the children, Oréo is very patient; he does everything he is asked to do to get doggy treats. I believe that this dog does something that brings the children a little closer to each other, they are more involved together and the unifying effect that I wanted for them by adopting a dog is truly present, at any rate, for now, we hope that this will continue!

With our son, everything’s going better; he’s very affectionate with the dog, pets him often and takes care of him. They sleep in the same bed. We don’t need the border anymore or nearly and he stays in his bed all night, he doesn’t come to join us in our bedroom anymore. On top of that, he wakes up better in the morning, he stays by himself even if it’s early and in good humour ! Up till now everything’s going really for the better and we are very happy to be embarked on this beautiful adventure. Providence Godon (director of Togo’s canine and animal welfare component.) came by on Tuesday to give me express training in walking Oréo.

All went super well and I now feel really well equipped to continue with our big wolf ! Providence is very generous and really professional, like all the people I’ve met up till now who are connected to Les Chiens Togo, thank you very much Noémie (director and founder of Les Chiens Togo) for this marvellous dog, we are very happy !”