“A thousand thanks to Les Chiens Togo’s team! At the start of my efforts to have a Togo dog for my 6-year-old son, I was far from imagining all the benefits that it would have for all of my family. It’s good that my basic expectations have been fulfilled, but we have seen something else emerging from this human/dog relationship: tenderness and involvement. Even though my son is still very young and often clumsy in his approach, Callie always remains in her environment. With time, we perceived that Callie instinctively came to us while we conducted an intervention with our son. Her presence calms us with the result that we can do better with our son without stress nor anger…and it works! She didn’t learn this behaviour, it’s instinctive. Our son loves to play and go to the park with his dog. He accepts the unpredictable a lot more. Callie is a source of great pride for our son. Once again a thousand thanks for allowing us to live with this exceptional dog. You have done a marvellous thing! Long-life to Les Chiens Togo.”

“We began our efforts to obtain a Togo dog for our oldest son who is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and other learning problems. We also thought that this would benefit our 3 other children who also have particular needs. We waited a long time for our Rosie! But we are happy that we were patient! The adaptation was sometimes difficult but now, every day our big boy asks us: “What would we do without Rosie?”. She is perfect for us. She adores the hugs and has infinite patience with the children. While she sits beside us and looks at us with her big eyes, she brings us back to the present and calms us. She sleeps with my son and every morning since we’ve had her he takes her for a walk. She gently moves along and upsets his rituals that are becoming less and less rigid. While she’s with us we smile. She brings joy to our family, which is therapeutic in itself. Her training was well done and we have had lots of support from the team at Les Chiens Togo since she arrived in our family. Sometimes, we have daily contacts to correct behaviours and assure that she is adapting well to our family. Their advice is precious and we know that we can call on them at any time. We are very happy to have found Rosie!”