Remembrance Day 2020

I can summarize that in just one sentence : if my beautiful Virgule was not here it would not be long before I committed suicide.

Corporal Jacques Leclerc (retired)

In consideration of Remembrance Day 2020, we want to call attention to a fact that is often unrecognized:  the excessively difficult situations that the members of our military are exposed to.  This reality can sometimes leave significant and severe psychological traces that we call post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or operational stress injury (OSI). It is because of this that those men and women who desired to help and protect others find themselves requiring assistance. These military personnel and veterans humbly knock at the door of Les Chiens Togo. 

The Togo Foundation wishes to value the courage and devotion of the members and veterans of the Canadian armed forces. We equally want to offer the necessary support to those in need of our services. However, we are incapable of responding to all requests. Our financial resources are limited. We cannot offer all the services that are so needed and must sometimes make heart-rending choices. They deserve our support!

However, thanks to you and your donations we believe that this situation will change!

The Togo Foundation provides psychological assistance dogs (PADs) that surpass the norms in the field of service animals. We also offer mental health support on the part of our psychosocial interveners. In effect, every Togo beneficiary is accompanied by one of our mental health professionals. This assures that we offer follow ups and services adapted to the psychological reality of the person.    

As all of our services are provided free of charge, we count on your help as well as that of generous donors to continue and to enlarge our positive impact. Your donation to Togo allows the transformation of at least two lives, they being the future of an orphaned dog and the necessary psychological support of a person.  

***Each donor will receive an official 2020 campaign certificate that will memorialize the concrete impact of their involvement with the Les Chiens Togo Foundation. 

The Les Chiens Togo Foundation is very grateful for your support and we thank you.