Thank you!

From November 1st to 30th our annual campaign took place which allowed you to obtain the TOGO card in exchange for a donation of $20 or more. Many of you responded to the call, the TOGO foundation thanks you!


Some participating companies

Our 2024 goals

  1. Pay for the care and sterilization of dogs in evaluation and training in addition to paying for toys, cushions and other accessories for their comfort and happiness throughout the TOGO adventure.

  2. Hire an assistant coordinator who will allow us to rescue more dogs and increase the chances of finding a service dog for a waiting human.

  3. Provide a psychosocial worker in emergency environments to promote the deployment of intervention strategies with the TOGO dog.

  4. Hire an additional psychosocial worker to develop activities with one of our ambassador dogs in order to counteract loneliness and offer ongoing support to waiting beneficiaries.