Do you know a dog looking for a new family? Entrust a dog to the TOGO Foundation. We turn dogs looking for a new life as a psychological assistance dog.

We operate a double mission; to help a human in need and especially to get there by providing maximum happiness to exceptional dogs who are looking for a new family.

When a dog qualifies for our program, the adventure begins! He meets our beneficiaries until there is a mutual love at first sight. Then the positive reinforcement training begins. It will be filmed and you will be able to follow the progress via our Facebook page. It all starts with a call to the dog’s current guardian to create his profile and then we will organize a meeting with a TOGO Evaluator in his area.

TOGO’s dogs :

  • never feel alone;
  •  are entrusted to our meticulously selected families;
  •  are loved and cared for by this family for life in addition to being offered positive reinforcement coaching for the rest of their days!

Zola, Togo psychological assistance dog, during his evaluation