If you are experiencing an important episode of distress, do not forget to talk to the professional (psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor) who is following you up and if necessary, to present you to the emergency department in your area for immediate help.

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Important information

  • Our services are available to people with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Operational Stress) or Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Please note that the minimum age of the children from the home for the adoption of a Togo dog is 6 years old. There is no possible exception to this rule.
  • It is mandatory to obtain a reference from a health professional (psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor) who approves your project to adopt a Togo dog. A form Togo will be given to you and it is this form only which will have to be filled by the profession
  • We do not accept any puppy in our program. In fact, we warn you against any school that offers services in this regard, because no one can tell if your puppy has the characteristics that can make him a good service dog before it has reached adulthood. To help you with your puppy’s education, we refer every request to the team of competent canine educators of  De Main de Maître.
  • Our expertise is psychological assistance and our team is made out of psychosocial workers and canine educators. Physical assistance is very different and anyone with significant limitations at this level can not qualify for our program at this time.

We do not certify any dog ​​that has not been trained at home and we do not train any dogs already in the home.

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Les chiens Togo
308 Montsabré, local 207
Beloeil, Qc
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